Prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost

Cancro della vescica e della prostata dopo lintervento chirurgico

Prostakor is a therapeutic drug for the treatment of pathologies of the prostate gland in men. The drug is made from animal raw materials by extracting protein biologically active substances from the prostate gland of cattle. The drug has a positive effect on the prostate gland of a man, normalizing its work and functioning, allowing it to live prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost strong sex full life. Prostakor contains only natural ingredients that have an affinity for the tissues of the prostate gland of men.

It contains polypeptide chains prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost that is, amino acid sequences that have the most positive effect on the prostate gland of any man. Prostakor has a protective effect — protects and supports the prostate gland as an organ, also relieves the inflammatory process and reduces excessive blood coagulation in the small vessels prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost the pelvis and genitals. The drug Prostacor is available in two pharmaceutical forms: one.

Lyophilized powder for solution preparation. Lyophilized powder is a dried in a special way extract of the prostate gland of cattle white, or slightly yellowish. The powder is packed in ampoules in an amount of 5 mg. This lyophilized powder is diluted with a special solvent in the amount of 1 ml. The result is a finished solution that does not have a color, completely transparent, with no signs of turbidity. Prostacore solution may have a slight yellowish prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost.

Ready solution for intramuscular injections Prostakor is already prepared form, ready for injection intramuscularly. It is transparent, colorless, or opalescent with a slightly yellowish color. The finished solution is packed in 1 ml ampoules containing 5 mg of prostate gland extract. Packaging Prostacore prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost 5 or 10 ampoules placed in a cardboard box or in a contour container with cells.

Each package is equipped with a special ampule knife for opening glass containers. The specific place of production is indicated on the package with the preparation. Vitaprost belongs to such drugs. The drug is produced by a pharmaceutical company. Vitaprost is a modern medicine that contains only natural ingredients. It has a positive effect on the gland in any of its diseases and a number of complications.

Apply the tool only as directed by the attending physician. The drug Vitaprost contains in its composition the active active ingredient — prostate extract Samprost substance.

Tablets, coated, dissolving in the intestine Contain as an active ingredient powder "Samprost", which is obtained from the cells of the prostate gland bulls, in a dose of 50 and mg. Auxiliary substances for tablets are sucrose, lactose, cellulose, calcium stearate, croapovidone. Tablets are covered with an enteric coating of light blue color interspersed, consisting of titanium dioxide, acrylic, silicon oxide, sodium bicarbonate, coloring agents.

Available in 10 pieces in blister packs placed in cardboard packs. In addition to the tablet form, Vitaprost is made in the form of rectal suppositories. Also, the drug is available in the form of suppositories under the following names: Vitaprost Forte and Vitaprost Plus. Rectal suppositories Candles are white with a yellowish shade, torpedo-shaped.

One candle contains 50 mg of substance "Samprost" and the adjuvant is witepsol. The drug is available in 5 pieces in blisters packaged in cartons. Vitaprost Forte Available in the form of rectal suppositories.

They contain an active active ingredient — prostate extract mgprostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost the basis for suppositories. Available in 5 pieces in a cell contour packages placed in cardboard packs. Prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost Plus Available in the form of rectal suppositories. It contains an active active ingredient — prostate extract. Also contains prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost hydrochloride in the amount of mg.

Candles whitish-yellowish, have a torpedo shape. The drug Prostanorm is available in two main pharmaceutical forms: one. Tablets, coated. All pharmaceutical forms of the drug are specially made extract of the following medicinal herbs:. Prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost type of plant raw material is processed, during which receive a dry extract. These extracts are mixed in equal volumes, after which the mixture is subjected to tabletting, or a liquid solution is prepared for oral administration.

Therefore, the choice of a specific prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost form is determined by the characteristics of the course of the disease, the duration of the pathological process, and the convenience for the patient. The drug Prostanorm of all pharmaceutical forms is produced by a Russian factory. Prostate adenoma is one of the most common pathologies encountered in older men. Strictly speaking, now this condition is referred to the variant of the age norm, and is considered one of the manifestations of male menopause.

Currently the term "BPH" replaced by another name — benign prostatic hyperplasia. It more accurately reflects the essence of the problem. The purity of the disease is manifested in the absence of metastasis, and this is the main difference between adenoma and prostate cancer.

Hyperplasia, i. Also, a consequence of excessive growth of the glandular epithelium of the prostate is a violation of blood circulation in prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost prostate and damage to the nerve endings in the bladder. Violation of the conduction of nerve impulses leads to difficulty urinating and makes it impossible to completely empty the bladder. As a result, the classic symptoms of prostate adenoma develop — difficulty and frequent urination, especially at night, reduced jet power, incomplete emptying of the bladder and dissatisfaction after the act of urination.

In the future, the symptoms are increasing, and the kidneys may be involved in the process. Prostatilen drug for more than 20 years helps men in the fight against prostatitis and other diseases of the prostate gland. This drug was developed by the company. Prostatilen was prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost on the basis of proteins, soluble in water, and obtained by extraction from the prostate of prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost mature cattle.

These proteins accumulate in the body only in the tissues of the prostate gland. There is a decrease in the number of urinations, the weakening or complete elimination of the pain syndrome, an increase in the quantitative composition of spermatozoa and their mobility, and an increase in libido sexual attraction.

At the moment, the drug Prostatilen in pharmacies can be found in the form of rectal suppositories and lyophilisate for preparing a solution for intramuscular administration. Prostatelen tablets are not available. With prostatitis, rectal suppositories suppositories are almost always used, which affect not only the prostate gland, but also the rectal prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost.

Candles have a local effect, as they are inserted into the rectum, through which wall they penetrate directly to the prostate gland.

Due to the local action, almost the entire volume of the active substance is in the tissues of the pelvis, where it exerts its therapeutic effects, while not penetrating into the systemic circulation and, thereby, without affecting other organs and tissues. That is why candles are an excellent dosage form for the delivery of active substances to the male prostate gland, as a result of which they are used very widely.

However, some doctors believe that suppositories are ineffective for the treatment of prostatitis, since they are not inserted into the prostate, but into the rectum, and the active components are not able to penetrate the rather dense intestinal wall.

Such an opinion has the right to life, but you should know that it is based on theoretical calculations, which are often refuted by practice. Thus, in practice, it was found that various microorganisms that make up the intestinal microflora can penetrate through the dense intestinal wall, penetrating into the female vagina or male urethra.

Therefore, paradoxically, but in practice, the dense intestinal wall can be quite permeable not only for the active substances of candles, but also for microorganisms.

Thus, it can not be unequivocally stated that suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis are completely ineffective. Since prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland in men, candles with anti-inflammatory, resolving, analgesic, antispasmodic and antibacterial action are used to treat it. Candles may contain various active ingredients that have the indicated therapeutic effects. Moreover, the composition of candles can include both chemicals for example, diclofenac, Voltaren, Longidase, etc.

In candles for prostatitis, active substances of the NSAID group non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugspropolis and other bee products, as well as cattle prostate extract are most often used. In addition, many candles contain vitamins that have a fortifying effect on the entire body. According prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost the mechanism of action, candles are similar to microclysters, they simply use fats and oils as auxiliary components, and not water.

Most often the main auxiliary component of candles for prostatitis is coconut oil or petrolatum, which provide rapid absorption of active substances and their even distribution over the surface of the lower part of the rectum. For maximum therapeutic effect, suppositories should be inserted into the rectum after a bowel movement and pushed deep enough for prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost entire length of the index finger.

So that the candle does not move in the intestine, after its introduction, it is necessary to lie down for minutes. Propolis is a beekeeping product that has a variety of therapeutic effects, such as:.

These effects of propolis can be used for the treatment of prostatitis in the composition of rectal suppositories. Moreover, propolis candles are among the prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost effective and widely used for prostatitis. Currently on the pharmaceutical market there are the following candles with propolis used in the treatment of prostatitis:. General information Codeine — medicine Codeine is an opium alkaloid. Produced by special processing prostakor e contemporaneamente vitaprost Destruction of the remnants of the Soviet health system What does the grandson of the executioner-chekist feel?

Prostatitis and Prostate Adenoma.